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They're an interesting concept these 'short stories' between novels. And e-books. I'm not su This was a small e-book, published before the release of Catch Me. I'm not sure if it was reading an e-book, or the 'short story' itself that felt weird. Am still 'familiarising' myself with my e-book.

It just isn't the same as holding the real thing in my hands, and I suspect it will always take second place to it's paper 'predecessor' for me! View all 7 comments. May 12, J.

Could have been good, but wasted too much of what little story there was in this short story alternating to a fictional "how-to" for murder which did nothing for the story. Could have been cut down to a prequel chapter in the next book. I want to encourage authors to release these sort of short stories, as I think they make great fillers in general for readers that can't wait for the next installment, and with the low entry price they are a good way to get people hooked and into a series. Unfortunately, this is a lousy example of that.


The 7th Month (Detective D.D. Warren, #) by Lisa Gardner

Detective DD Warren was bored! Being 7 months pregnant, she had just been relegated to desk duties, and she was itching to do some real police work. So when a strange little man entered the Boston PD front office, requesting a police officer to help him, she was all ears. Donnie Bilger was the director of a serial killer film which they were shooting at a cemetery in Boston, and he needed a police expert to advise on the correct protocol thoughout filming.

Their former film consultant, Chaibongsai, who was an ex Boston cop, had disappeared, and they needed someone to fill his place immediately, for shooting that night. So DD decided to fill the role, pulling an all nighter filming had to be done at night in a cemetery, right? But suddenly, the simple job of police expert becomes a very serious one, as the mutilated body of Chaibongsai is found, and DD discovers she has over murder suspects in the middle of a graveyard!

On the trail of a killer, she needs to keep her unborn baby safe, which is proving difficult as another cast member is attacked! I loved it! Nov 15, Sheila rated it really liked it. Novella of DD as a tech consultant on a serial killer movie becomes real life when the murder of the cop she is replacing is discovered.

Of course being in labor during the investigation doesn't help. Jun 07, Nancy rated it really liked it. I seldom almost never bother with short stories or novellas, but hey, this is by Lisa Gardner featuring DD Warren, one of my all-time favorite characters, and it was well worth the read. Jan 02, Michael rated it really liked it. Well this is something new with what is author Lisa Gardners first ever short story featuring Detective D. The story goes of a pregnant D. Having been asked by her boyfriend and father of her soon to be born to child Alex to move in with him she has abit to think about.

When a mystery man calling himself Don Bilger enters the police station and asks to speak to a police officer little does D. Know that she will find herself on t Well this is something new with what is author Lisa Gardners first ever short story featuring Detective D. Know that she will find herself on the set of a crime movie giving police procedure advice to the actors. Right from the onset doubts arise with first news that the original advisor who was an ex cop was found beaten to death. Soon it is discovered the film is a sham to catch a crime boss who is launering money but who has killed the ex cop and why?

Although not suprisingly it is alot more basic than the books in the series we still have a murder and the question of who did it.

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Add to it you have D. I could point out a few little things like the odd typo and an ending that seemed rushed but overall this was entertaing read that fans of crime will enjoy. May 05, Carolyn rated it really liked it Shelves: gardner-lisa. Great little novella in this fascinating series. Warren is finally showing signs of being human!

Oct 03, Teresa rated it really liked it. I really loved this novella. Since the mystery element wasn't high stakes, it was nice to see more of D. And the ending got me excited for the next book to see how things go.

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Very short. Nothing special. Jun 12, Jodi rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle , read. This Warren short was amusing in ways that Gardner's books usually are not. When you think of Lisa Gardner you think of blood, gore and a very tightly plotted story. Here, things are a little, um, unexpected.

Fear Nothing (Detective D.D. Warren #7) by Lisa Gardner Audiobook Full 1/2

When D. But it's a legitimate offer. Until the former consultant, a retired cop, is found dead. Suddenly, it doesn't look quite so on the up and up. Meanwhile, D. Alex has just asked her to move in and she is terrified that motherhood will mean saying goodbye to the police brotherhood she has worked so hard to enter. Even in her 7th month, she's sharper than the serial killer. Jan 22, Kelly Hager rated it liked it. Warren is currently seven months pregnant.

It's hard because instead of actually working, she's now a glorified receptionist at the police station. Which, yes, is still technically working, but when you're used to being a detective, it's really not. So she takes a well-paying consulting gig on the spur of the moment. Except it turns out that the reason that they need a consultant is that someone D.

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Except it turns out that the reason that they need a consultant is that someone killed the last one. I love Lisa Gardner's novels, but this novella didn't do it for me. Definitely don't judge her books on this, though; they're smart and creepy and wonderful. This story felt a little rushed probably due to the fact that it's basically a short story and not a novel and just not as good as her books normally are. I think part of my problem is that this felt similar to two different Laura Lippman books I've read. And you can't outdo Laura Lippman. Her next novel comes out in February and I am very excited to read it.

If you haven't read Lisa Gardner, you should definitely fix that. Just maybe don't start with this one. Jan 22, Lisa rated it liked it. Even though this is a very short read I enjoyed it. I like the witty humor Detective D. Warren uses. This book takes place during Homicide Detective D.

Warren's 7th month of pregnancy while she is basically stuck on desk duty. One day while she is playing secretary a producer comes in looking to pay a Boston Detective to give technical advice for the filming of a movie. The retired cop who was hired to do the job failed to show up and they need someone ASAP. Now instead of giving expert advice D. Warren is on the film site trying getting a feel for the crew and actors to see if any of them could be the murderer.

The book plays out very smoothly Gardner was able to fit all the necessary information in to this short read where I don't feel like anything was left out. Jan 04, Diane rated it really liked it. Very good novella - everything "wraps" up quite nicely and quickly. She is asked to be an expert for a movie being filmed on the site of the big cemetary, where coincidently she had a creeepy case to solve a few books back.