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The Strange Story Of Myra Hindley And The Moors Murders

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He was a psychopath — totally beyond human moral understanding. Back at the house she went upstairs as Brady beat the young apprentice to death with an axe, while a stunned Smith looked on. And in the left luggage locker at the station, along with the Downey tape, they found other incriminating evidence, including photographs. I deserved it. But without her his murders almost certainly would have been haphazard, crazed impulse killings, and he would likely have been caught quickly.

It was her hero worship that enabled him to plan crimes that evaded detection until five youngsters were dead. And it was she who lured the victims to their hideous fates — sexual assault and murder at the hands of Ian Brady.


They remained so for years, writing letters to each other, studying German, even applying to get married so they could visit one another. Hindley was sent to Holloway while Brady first went to Durham Prison, where he asked to live in solitary confinement. He never expected to leave. Nearly 20 years after the murders, Hindley was serving her time at Cookham Wood prison in Kent, where she took a female lover.

In revenge for her moving on with her life, Brady used a newspaper to confess to the further killings of Pauline Reade and Keith Bennett. He never told us anything.

He was doing what he has always done, which is try to control everything. Hindley was taken on two visits to Saddleworth Moor. The place where she recollected Keith Bennett was buried. He will only do things for other people if he has something to gain. Hindley, who smoked 40 cigarettes a day, died of bronchial pneumonia in November , aged More than a dozen undertakers refused to handle her cremation.

Four months later her ashes were scattered by her ex-partner, Patricia Cairns, less than ten miles from Saddleworth Moor. When Dr Cowley visited Brady in , the killer was frail and being force-fed after going on hunger strike in September In , determined to starve himself, Brady applied to return to prison, where he could not be force-fed.

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At a mental health tribunal in June he said he was not a paranoid schizophrenic but had a personality disorder. His application was rejected. On Sunday it was reported that Brady had been receiving end-of- life care. He died in Ashworth Hospital on Monday night. He told me as much. He would kill again without a thought for anyone who gets in his way. He only cared about himself. Follow The Sun.

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News Corp WSJ. Sign in. All News. By Mike Ridley and Jean Ritchie.

We take a closer look at the disturbed life of monster Ian Brady

Updated: 17th May , am. The youngster hurled a cat off the top floor of a Glasgow tenement building. MEN Archive. Daily Mirror. Manchester Evening News Archive.