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They consider Charlie to be almost impossible to injure " Hundred Dollar Baby ". Mac has also referred to Charlie as a survivor "Charlie Rules the World". Similarly, he is able to correctly deduce and understand scheme that the rest of the Gang formulated and began without telling him. Simultaneously, he organizes and successfully executes an intricate plan to fraudulently pass a health inspection, all while fixing the mistakes the Gang made with their plot.

His success goes entirely unnoticed by the rest of the Gang " Charlie Work ". He has also intricately memorized and even mapped out the air ducts and vents throughout Paddy's Pub. It is stated that Charlie sometimes seeks refuge and solitude there. It is the only access to Charlie's "bad room", in which Charlie likes to go to "be alone and break bottles" " The Gang Gets Held Hostage ". Charlie can hold his breath for over seven minutes, just short of the world record " Dennis Looks Like a Registered Sex Offender ".

Although he does blurt out a few words during this record attempt, suggesting he's not actually holding his breath properly. Charlie writes and performs a song in " Frank Reynolds' Little Beauties ". Charlie is the most skilled musician in the group. He can write original music and sing it, and he has also displayed skill in playing the keyboard and saxophone. It's possible that Charlie never learned to play the keyboard and his ability to do so is an entirely natural talent.

He claims that "keyboard's just make sense to [him]". He also wrote an entire musical in " The Nightman Cometh ", including the following original songs:. He is able to tell that the beep a carbon monoxide detector makes is a G sharp, allowing Frank to imitate the sound on a recorder, which suggests that he possesses perfect pitch.

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He is shown playing a saxophone in the episode " The Gang Hits the Slopes ". In several episodes, a guitar can be seen briefly in his apartment, hinting that he may play the guitar. Charlie has limited personal hygiene. Mac says that he has never seen Charlie put on deodorant, claims to see lice crawling all over him, and Charlie admits that he only washes his testicles every Friday " The Gang Dances Their Asses Off ".

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He often smells overwhelmingly of cheese, " The Waitress is Getting Married ", " The Storm of the Century ", " Charlie Work " and casually handles horse feces or clogged toilets with his bare hands. Charlie often exhibits difficulty reading and writing , and is often accused of being illiterate and "retarded" by other characters. Mac even went as far as claiming "No one understands the subtleties of Charlie's retardation better than me.

Charlie misread a contract that resulted in his putting the bar at risk of being lost in a contest " The Gang Dances Their Asses Off ". He was unable to write clear lyrics for his musical and needed help from Artemis " The Nightman Cometh ". His writing is often shown as being unreadable to the rest of the gang due to it being composed of small pictures, symbols, and written in various color of crayons " Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats ".

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Charlie has an unhealthy obsession with The Waitress, and will do anything for even the slightest chance he might win her over. Charlie is sometimes unable to comprehend what people are talking about " The Gang Recycles Their Trash " , and he has a poor grasp of history and current events. He is extremely prone to electric shock, having been shocked over times " The Gang Gets Whacked Part 1 ". Like Dee, he suffers from stage fright and becomes nauseated when performing in front of live audiences " Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life ".

Despite these fears, however, he was able to perform in his own musical and propose to the Waitress in front of an audience " The Nightman Cometh ". He shows complete disregard for laws at all times. List of crimes committed by the gang. After blowing up the building next door to the bar Charlie is ordered by the court to go to Alcoholics Anonymous after telling the judge he was drunk, which was true but also in the hope that it would get him off the hook. When arriving for his first meeting, Charlie enters drinking a beer. Charlie has displayed a strong anxiety about leaving Philadelphia, which has lessened over the course of the season.

In the first attempt we see him make to leave Philadelphia, in the episode " The Gang Hits the Road ", his sense of panic about leaving Philadelphia leads to Dee's car being stolen. In " The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre ", he does leave Philadelphia to go to Maureen Ponderosa's wedding in a lodge in the woods, but he makes it clear he is not happy about it. In addition, Charlie has abused or been addicted to:.

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Charlie breaking into the Waitress' apartment in " The D. Charlie has had little success in dating, and spends much of his spare time stalking the Waitress. He goes to great lengths to win her over, in spite of her declarations that she will never be interested in him, and even her 50 foot restraining order " Charlie and Dee Find Love ". Charlie seems to believe that the relationship he has with The Waitress is normal and is the way that a relationship is supposed to go. When he tells Ruby Taft that he was merely using her to make The Waitress jealous, he says, after noting she banged him "almost instantly", that "a quality woman doesn't do that; she doesn't say 'yes' right away; she says 'no' to a man, for years, like ten years" " Charlie and Dee Find Love ".

However, the Waitress herself could barely be referred as "quality woman" this way, given how she banged Dennis so quickly " Charlie Has Cancer ". Charlie finally, after what Dee refers to as 15 years, gets some attention from the Waitress after he convinces her that he's the person she could have the baby she's always wanted with, and the two sleep together. Soon after, however, Charlie gets cold feet and leaves the Waitress at his apartment when she starts expressing concerns with their living conditions, saying that it's one thing to trap someone with a baby, and another thing to BECOME trapped by the baby.

After getting numerous phone calls from the Waitress, he decides he should ghost her. Charlie presumably lost his virginity to Stacy Corvelli in high school. A deleted scene in the Season Five DVD hints that Stacy is the only woman he has ever slept with until that point, and that it may have been a traumatic experience for him. Until Season Eight , Charlie was the only member of The Gang who had not had sex during the present time of the series.

Charlie bangs a Bulgarian "model" named Tatiana while on a ski trip, but it later turns out she was a prostitute hired by Frank. Charlie is raped by Dee, despite the latter's belief that it is consensual. Charlie finally convinces the Waitress to have sex with him, by telling her they could have a baby together, something she's always wanted.

Charlie has been caught masturbating by several members of the gang. Dee caught him masturbating to Dennis's cartoon drawings of large breasted women " The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty Magoo ". She also accused him of stealing Dennis's erotic memoir in order to masturbate to its pictures, since he couldn't read the text " Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life ". Frank also mentioned that he likes to hide inside of the apartment couch in order to catch Charlie "pounding off" " A Very Sunny Christmas ".

When Charlie reveals to Frank that he awoke to him doing some "pretty frantic research of [his] own" one night, Frank countered by saying that the two could go "tit-for-tat on that one" " Mac Is a Serial Killer ". Charlie and Frank get married so Charlie can benefit from Frank's medical insurance and so Frank can rest secure that Charlie would not pull the plug if Frank fell into a coma " Mac Fights Gay Marriage ". Sign In Don't have an account?

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Charlie is portrayed by Charlie Day. Contents [ show ].

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Add an image. Categories :. Cancel Save. This recording marks a very important occasion for the two musicians, and is the result of three days of intensive rehearsal and recording. The venue was Cami Hall in New York, chosen for its location, acoustic properties, character and charm. This album is a feat of improvisation and none of the spontaneity is lost through the recording of their music on to tape.

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Sheer brilliance …. Do you agree? One of the rare gifts that Charlie always brings to any musical context is his ability to fit in and shape whatever is being played on the bandstand regardless of the instrumentation and repertoire. In , jazz legends bassist Charlie Haden and pianist Hank Jones recorded a milestone of eloquent music, Steal Away , based largely on traditional spirituals and folk songs.

Nearly 17 years later arrives the luminous follow-up, Come Sunday , recorded in February shortly before Jones passed away. It was time to update this site with the ability to respond in a timely fashion to the ever-changing world. We have a great team ready to inform you. More on that and other events in the news section. I hope you find this new website both inspiring and informative — it goes along with our commitment to making beautiful music. Charlie Haden. Gates October 18, The sound is exquisite. The interplay between the two artists at the highest level.

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